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Published 07-18-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

ladies and gentlemen. this morning, i arrived at the skatepark at 10:53. i skated, in a vain attempt to tre-flip the step-up, until i left at 1:14. that, my friends, is two hours and twenty minutes. 140 minutes of skate time. according to the fitness tracker at my healthy eating site, that is 980 calories burned. i was sweating like a bastard, but suprisingly not that tired. however, i’m realizing now that i should have listened to the dull pain in my knees instead of trying that tre-flip a million more times. because now they hate me and don’t want me to walk up the stairs. but i need to do laundry and build myself a door. so i’ll show them who’s the boss. i might skip the show i was planning on attending this evening, however.

at any rate, batman tomorrow morning on IMAX. i shall report forthwith.

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