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Published 06-07-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

well, now that no one has read my blog for three days, i can go back to writing about the things that don’t matter and that i must merely suffer through.

as i’ve mentioned before, i should stop watching movies. i’ve been writing finals all day today after proctoring the SAT this morning. i’ve also watched three movies while writing those tests.

The King of Kong
i’m pretty good at Ms. Pac Man. i’ve scored in the 100’s of thousands on a recent trip to santa cruz. however, i’ll never set a world record. i’ve tried to quit my video game addiction several times. i’ve got it pretty much under control these days. pretty much. the guy from redmond that set the record for donkey kong lives his life in pursuit of virtual perfection. more power to him. do what you love, i guess. this movie did not make me sad.

The Life of Brian
i laughed out loud twice. and almost sang along at the end. you can’t help it. even if you don’t get all the jokes. if you like making fun of god, watch this movie at some point in your life. preferably with a british person who can translate. this movie did not make me sad.

Charlie Wilson’s War
a nice, true story about a guy who got stuff done. very admirable. and a good statement on current affairs, since he points out that he didn’t really get done what he wanted to get done. and it came back to haunt us in september, 2001. it would have been nice to have known this story as i sat in my apartment watching the news that fateful day. but we realize our mistakes too late in life. now, the reason why i’m typing at all today is because i should stop watching movies. because in some seemingly innocuous film about politics, julia roberts will say “i miss you, charlie.” and tom hanks will reply, misty eyed, with “i always miss you, joanne.” and this sort of thing will make me sad.

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