an end is always a beginning, they say.
Published 03-29-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

so, this is my new project. all the things in one place. my attempt at songs, my attempt at photography, my attempt at writing, my attempt at life. when i was a kid i used to write a zine. it’s been about 12 years since the last issue came out. now, the internet is all the rage. so, i’ll put my rants and reviews and rhetorical questions here. where i can be publicly anonymous.

this site will replace my flickr, my myspace(s), and the secret livejournal. this site will give me something to do to forget that i need something to do.

it’s been a tumultuous winter. but march means spring, despite the cold. and i’m determined to pretend that everything is alright until it actually *is* alright.

because that’s really all i’ll ever have, when it comes down to it: determination.

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Keywords: determination

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