skateboard slanders my toe!
Published 07-22-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

after two days of completely wasting my life by playing skate., i decided that today i would actually go outside and skate for reals. i woke up a bit late and ate breakfast and wandered around the internet looking for information on exactly how much land it would take for two people to live sustainably (about 15000 square feet of arable land, apparently. about three times what i was looking at.), but i eventually got down to business. started off a bit slow, not as much pop as normal, probably tired or something. got into it after a bit: owned the step-up (backside and frontside 180s, kickflip, and even a 360 flip!), pressure flipped the hip real nice, worked on rail slides and grinds a bit, not too shabby overall. then, as i was attempting to repeat my 360 flip of the step-up, i flailed about and the board decided to smash straight down on to my big toe. sweet. instantly, i knew what it would look like when i took off my shoe and sock to check it out. sure enough, there was the telltale purplish hue of blood under the toenail. (gross picture). no more skating today.

the cool thing about this particular type of injury is that i’ll probably get to do some surgery later. usually the pressure builds up under the toenail and hurts a lot. to relieve the pain, you have to relieve the pressure. some people use a super hot needle to pierce the nail, i usually just use a tiny drill bit. so that’ll be fun. in the meantime, i’ll be doing calculus and working on converting all the rally videos to FLV on the demon rally site. and trying not to walk anywhere.

but i digress. anybody got some frozen peas? my toe hurts.

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