Published 01-26-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

With all the new hits for my reviews for the crazy show marathon I went on, it’s hard to go back into the routine I’ve committed to for Awesome 2009.

If you’re new around here, how it works is I usually write a bunch of depressing stuff and then delete it and then try to play up my minor successes each day. My overall goal is to learn how to have a more positive outlook on life so that I can stop clenching my teeth all the time and recognize, for once, when I have something awesome and do all I can to maintain that awesomeness. Mostly, I’m just trying to learn how to be less invisible. I’m also trying to catch up on my rest after five shows in a row and less than 6 hours of sleep each of those days (hey, I’m old, okay?), so I’ll just list some successes and climb in the soon to be warm confines of my new bed. If you’re curious about the minor goals leading up to my major goal, just read the posts near the start of the year. 2008 didn’t ever happen.


laughed out loud at lunch at work and nobody said, “hey, you laughed!”

a visiting former student asked me if i had lost weight, so i guess losing that 10 pounds or so was noticeable.

ate a recipe I made up: potato filled burritos. made home fries, warmed up black beans, added cheese, avocado, salsa and lettuce. enjoyed too much food for dinner.

reminisced on my various successes over the weekend which I was entirely too exhausted to expound upon here.

tomorrow I make a phone call and maybe buy some plane tickets or a fancy record player. not all at once.

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