Getting things over.
Published 11-16-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

I have spent the last couple days working diligently on a little project: my record list! Maybe I should be the advisor for the computer programming club after all. If you check out the list, just think of the hours and hours of data entry, the several minutes of mySQL coding, and the hours of PERL coding that went into modifying an existing template from CDpedia for custom sorting and viewing of my record collection. There’s still a little work to do, but it’s functional enough for me to take a break and work on school work instead for a while. Or not.

Last night I progressed with my attempt to be a social butterfly by a going to see Role Models with a co-worker. Being teachers of kids, she and I thought it an appropriate choice. It was pretty funny, actually. I like Paul Rudd a lot, the kids in it are great and the story line is that sort of stinky cheese that smells pretty bad at first, but the cheese actually tastes alright.

In other news, I returned from the tattoo place my BFF recommended approximately 45 minutes ago with a receipt for a deposit on the commemorative tattoo. The tattoo is going to add a wristband to my existing tattoo and mirror the wristband on the other side with this mathematical equation, the meaning of which will stay only with me, thank you very much. It’s all happening at 4pm on December 4th.

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