Vera Project Hosts the Return of Blake Schwarzenbach this Sunday
Published 01-27-2011 (originally on The SunBreak).

Blake Schwarzenbach is one of the best punk lyricists of the last 25 years. After reading his compositions, it’s no surprise to find that he is an Adjunct Professor of English at Hunter College in his spare time. Schwarzenbach is bringing his lyrical prowess to The Vera Project on Sunday with his new band, forgetters (no “the”, no capital “f”) and it will be a fantastic show.

Schwarzenbach’s new band is a bit of a throwback to his first band, the famously influential Jawbreaker. They played their last show at the Capitol Theater in Olympia in 1996, but Schwarzenbach returned to Washington later with Jets to Brazil, a much more solemn but just as amazing band. It’s been awhile since Blake has played here, as Jets to Brazil last came through town in 2003 and Thorns of Life, his short-lived punk-rock supergroup, never made it to our lovely state.

Middle-aged and older punks are sorely looking forward to the return of the punk troubadour and fans of Jawbreaker will not be disappointed with forgetters. If you need more encouragement to go to this show, it’s all ages and you’ll be home in time to rest up for work on Monday. If that’s not enough, here is a selection of my favorite Schwarzenbach lyrics.

“We met in rain, you asked me in. Seemed like a good sign. Now I need a guillotine to get you off my mind.” – Sea Foam Green (Jawbreaker)

“Then she said, ‘Why, why, oh why, oh why? Why are you always like this? If I’m having fun then it’s breaking your heart. Besides, you said I could have it.’ Then the cops showed up.” – Bad Scene Everyone’s Fault (Jawbreaker)

“If you could save yourself, you could save us all. Go on living, prove us wrong.” – Save Your Generation (Jawbreaker)

“You’re not punk and I’m telling everyone. Save your breath, I never was one.” – Boxcar (Jawbreaker)

“Tasting you and rain, I walk down to the train, trying not to look down. This day could someday be an anniversary. Everything is light and sound.” – Sweet Avenue (Jets to Brazil)

“Turtle on its back in the desert sea and you look like a cool drink just slightly out of reach.” – Sea Anemone (Jets to Brazil)

“I’m a straight-up ghost in a tattered cape. Too small to fail but, baby, someone’s gonna love me someday.” – Too Small to Fail (forgetters)

Doors open at 7:30. The show is all ages and tickets are still available at only $11. Street Eaters are opening.

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