Bronze Fawn’s Final Show Thursday at Neumo’s
Published 11-17-2010 (originally on The SunBreak).

Bronze Fawn crafts amazingly layered and expansive sounds with merely a power trio and more guitar effects pedals than seem reasonable. Their live show is accompanied by video edited on the fly to match up with the music. I’ve seen them four or five times of the past couple years, and their first full length, Lumber, is in heavy rotation on my various music devices.

Thursday will be, barring any future reunions, Bronze Fawn’s final live performance. Guitarist Bryce Shoemaker is apparently off to post-graduate work, and the band has decided they have reached the end of their era. To be honest, it feels a little bit like the end of an era for all of us. Progressive and challenging music seems to be on the way out while vapid, electronic pop music is surfing a neon 1980s nightmare straight back into our social consciousness.

Luckily, Bronze Fawn are bringing friends along to their farewell party. The Kindness Kind are gathering acclaim playing enchanting electronic-tinged indie with soulful female vocals. Eighteen Individual Eyes are an upcoming girl band headed by Jamie Hellgate that plays dark indie reminiscent of Denali, but with guitars. Blue Light Curtain have been shoegazing for fans of The Cure since 2004.

It all goes down at Neumo’s this Thursday, November 18. Doors at 8 p.m., 21+, tickets are $8, available at the door.

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