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reason #4,000,000 why this is the best city in the world: rock and roll will never die here.

king cobra is a relatively new bar/venue and, as such, is pretty fancy. but fancy in that “we’re right next to the comet” kind of way. the scene in there was very diverse. a guy in a spiked jean/leather jacket with a Filth patch on the back. some girl doing the mary katherine gallagher salute. some dude with 80’s hair metal hair that he must work on for hours. and a bunch of others. definitely my scene. i think i like it.

Panther Attack
the thing about math rock is that it’s so tightly controlled. you want to rock the hell out to it, but you have to concentrate to stay in time. even the band has to constrain itself to keep it in line. and at this point, i’m totally okay with that. the Panther Attack guitar sound reminds me of The Advantage and dave knudson and all those guys. which is also perfectly awesome. in general, i rocked my head in acceptable seattle dancing style for a large portion of the set. i’m a fan, even though they set up two drumsets and only used the second one twice. that goes against my punk rock upbringing of course, but i’ve been doing that a lot anyhow.

Lords of the North
i refuse to acknowledge the existence of a third band on the bill. take the lights out of your drums, get rid of the $20 puppet head and do something i care about and then we’ll talk.

Bronze Fawn
Bronze Fawn were like ice cream in winter time. not in the summer, when you’ve taken for granted how awesome ice cream is, but in the winter. when you’ve forgotten how great it can be and one tiny sample reminds you that there is good in the world still. they have this effortless musicianship that is thrown about with reckless abandon. the kind i dream about achieving but simply do not have the dedication to ever accomplish. there’s something about their triplets that warms my heart. i was worried that the visuals and the electronic drum triggers and the crazy effects would let me down, but i think i’m somewhat over that phase of my life. i mean, i have been playing midi keyboard for a couple months now. at any rate, Bronze Fawn, you’re my hero.

i had a hard time getting to this show. not because i couldn’t find parking or because my car wouldn’t start or whatever. it was for the same reason i hate getting up in the morning sometimes. because i often don’t want to do the things i want to do. i have to force myself to do things that i know i love (go to shows, go to work, etc.). like some sort of extra gravity weighs down on my soul that i have to lift weights to overcome. but i did so tonight. and i’m mostly glad. i feel like something is still missing, though.

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CHUNK says
May 6, 2008 at 6:03 pm
I heard Lords of the North live on KEXP the other night. If I ever find them I will shit on their instruments and rape their amps while they look on and cry like the little bitches they are.

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