Morrissey Invites You to the Paramount for Some Commiseration
Published 11-25-2009 (originally on The SunBreak).

The winter holidays quite often mark the beginning of a long season of depression for some folk. If it's not seeing your family that depresses you, the weather in these parts might do the trick. Never fear! Someone from England feels your pain and already wrote every song you need to sing until Spring cycles around again. In the 80's, he was doing exactly the same thing as the frontman for The Smiths. Now, he's living the solo project dream as the enigmatic Morrissey.

Morrissey will be in town Sunday promoting his new B-sides collection, Swords. He'll be moping about on stage and collecting bouquets of roses from enthusiastic fans. His entire band will have the same signature Morrissey pompadour. He'll be filling The Paramount with his melancholy, breathy voice and somehow making us feel better about our lives. Perhaps it is true that misery loves company, because Morrissey has been publicly miserable since 1982. And it seems like he loves it.

Morrissey begins the festivities at The Paramount on November 29th at 7:30 PM. Tickets range from $52 to $72, plus fees.

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