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goals for 2009.

1. be physically active.

moderate success. started skateboarding again. sort of stopped skateboarding again.

2. attend at least 50 shows this year

39 shows is not 50. but i did okay.

3. finish the house

no. i finished a room and have a full house again, though.

4. start a vegetable garden

i don’t care about this.

5. go to europe


6. meet new friends and new ladies

yes and yes.

7. listen to music constantly

sometimes. in the car, yes. at home, no.

8. play fewer video games

pretty good until after x-mas.

9. volunteer for some charitable organizations


10. do something musical 30 minutes a day

no. my biggest regret of this list.

11. fix my posture

i worked on it. it’s noticeably better.

So I scored about a 6 out of 11. That’s failing, but not terrible. Thus, we arrive at 2010. Time for a new set of goals.

1. travel to non-seattle, non-family destinations once per month
2. play a show or quit trying to play music altogether and find a new passion
3. continue to work on my posture
4. 50 shows
5. volunteer at least once a month
6. ride the STP
7. say hi to strangers
8. focus less on what I don’t have and more on what I do

Yes, I think this is what I want to focus on. Also, I have a crappy redesign of this site coming up. Maybe.

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