three times, actually. and i don’t think any were triceratops. it’s hard to remember. finally.
Published 11-02-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I have this vague idea. I just bought The Appleseed Cast’s “Mare Vitalis” on amazing vinyl. I think I am developing adult ADD. What if all my songs were just snippets of memories? Like pictures, but with a lot fewer words? And lots of arpeggios?

(Vocals: one take improv, re-did the last two lines, piano: third or fourth try after a while of jamming, recorded on MIDI controller, cleaned up two minor mistakes and extended the transition from the first bit to the twiddly bit)

Plastic Dinosaurs

At the grocery store,
you bought me
a plastic dinosaur.

I never got you
anything as great
as a plastic

I guess that’s why you left.
I guess you left.

I have a lot of memories I’d like to get rid of in preparation for the coming awesomeness. Maybe this is the way. Oh, and awesomeness is just around the bend. I can feel the tracks starting to rumble. I’m putting my pennies down on them and starting to run.

Also, I’m growing a moustache to fight dude’s cancer. Why don’t you jerks donate a dollar or two?

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Keywords: song, moustache, music, plastic dinosaur, this again?

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