Published 09-04-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I’ve been working on some singing today. I closed all the windows and drank some water and stopped caring if the neighbors or the roommates could hear. I was pretty stoked on the results the first time I listened, but now that I’ve listened about 20 more times while mixing, I only see all the imperfections. I have to change my health care plan before I start therapy.

At any rate, here’s the next installment of my 30 second covers of local bands. First was Grand Hallway (inspired by this video, which you should watch again). Today, I present The Long Winters, since Harvey Danger (who’s (whose?) Sean Nelson was in The Long Winters for a while) just played their last show again. Also, because I like just this part of the song. Also, because last night after playing music, Jason and I were talking about overdubs and doubling vocals and my whole life I’ve thought it was stupid, so I thought I’d try it. I’m not going to lie, it sounds awesome. Also, I’m fantastic at harmonizing with someone who can sing (me). But I can’t even play the piano and sing this at the same time, so it still feels like cheating and/or lying. It’s not as bad as autotune, since I sang all three parts, but it’s still something I’d never put on a record. I hope.

I’m headed up to the lake to test the rally car tonight. I’m getting a slow start to my trip, but maybe music is more important than everything.

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