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Published 09-02-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Okay, here’s the cover song I’ve been working on. During recording, I discovered that I can’t sing sitting down. Though, it appears that I can barely sing standing up. Maybe I should add singing lessons and recording lessons to the million things I want to do. Overdubs: last vocal chorus was from take 2, 2nd “you already know…” rhodes is punched in, everything after that is take 2 of the rhodes, rhodes under “dirty sheets” is copy/pasted, last two rhodes notes were shifted a little bit. Modern technology makes me appear better than I am. Okay, enough excuses, here’s the best I can do until I practice more. I’m not a quitter.

Tomorrow, I’m headed over to a friend’s to play music, so I might post something better than this at some point.

I’ve also just been offered a freelance music writing position which I have gleefully accepted, so my reviews “here” might just be links to “there.” As soon as “there” is fully up and running.

There are also many other things that are awesome that may or may not be actually occurring. I will attempt to share these positive things with you and deemphasize the negative things. Oh, how about a story!

I walked up to the local crappy sports bar during halftime of the Sounders vs. DC United game. I was switching bars because the first one I picked had one Sounders fan: me. As I was walking past one of those bars that has large windows that open so you can feel like you’re in Europe but still stay inside, a group of ladies attempted to get my attention, but I paid them no nevermind. I didn’t want to miss the game! The crappy sports bar had four other fans, bringing the raucous crowd to a grand total of five. It was a great game. So much so, that, at one point, some baseball fans told us to keep it down. They can go to hell. After the game, I was walking back home and the ladies, who I will guess were at least 10 to 15 years older than I am, successfully pointed straight at me. Seeing this, I stopped and wandered back to the window and proceeded to act like a normal person and be social. We discussed what channel the game was on. They discussed how they had tried to get that information from me the first time around. We discussed the result of the game. Then, I bade them a good evening and headed back here to make a dinner and a lunch and play piano for several hours. So, can I call this a cougar attack?

That’s the part where you laugh.

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