Carousel Festival, day 2, evening show – The Greenhouse
Published 08-30-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

This is the fourth year of the awesome DIY festival known as Carousel. Like any good festival, profits were donated to a respectable cause or two (Urban Rest Stop and Hollow Earth Radio). I had big plans to go to all three days, but I spent friday meeting people that don’t drink and having a picnic at gasworks park. Tonight, I’m working on school stuff because I procrastinated and then going to Rain City Mixtape Club. But I did make it to part of day 2 at my favorite house venue: The Greenhouse.

I missed the first band, which I was sorely disappointed about. I’d heard their name a few times (Eighteen Individual Eyes) and was curious to hear their music. When I got there, I talked with my acquaintance Bryce and he told me the band was comprised of former H is for Hellgate and Hungry Pines members. Sorely disappointed. They’ll be playing at The Mix in Georgetown on September 23rd if you want to hear them as much as I do.

Patrol played about 3 songs in their 30ish minute set. They rattled the Carousel Festival banner off the wall. Feedback and effects and volume. My old band played a show with them at the Crocodile about five years ago and I don’t remember anything like this. Then again, I was extraordinarily sick that evening. Anyhow, Patrol was massively loud and sufficiently distorted to bring pleasure to the ears of their audience. Of the few bands I watched, theirs was probably the largest crowd, as well. I should have taken more notes because they sound totally different on their myspace page. The show was much more like that first Seaweed record, all rawr and grrr. Not so much on the myspace. I’ll have to try them again. Side note: wouldn’t it be funny if they played with The Cops?

Woah! I was not expecting this! Kidcrash was awesome! Cool mathy twiddly guitar bits and yelling! Head-bobbing rhythms and complex musicianship! Exciting tempo and volume changes! Kidcrash made me want to keep this itchy beard I’m going to shave off in a couple hours, move to Portland, buy a fixed gear bicycle and work for an organic food delivery service. Great stuff and I’m looking forward to them coming back again sometime.

Helms Alee
I’ve heard Helms Alee’s name bandied about many times. For some reason, they got mixed up with The Helm in my head and I was expecting hardcore. Instead, I got amazing drumming and throwbacks to TAD and old, not-so-popular grunge bands. Heavy, medium-slow songs percolating up through prehistoric mud as the tide recedes on the NW coast. That metallic vocal style of yelling. Not the silly, high-pitched kind of screaming, but the Mark Arm perfect vocal overdrive. Fantastic use of spaces and perfect drum fills. I really liked Helms Alee. You might like them as well if you grew up on early grunge and have an appreciation for dark metal.

Partman Parthorse
At this point, my antidepressants wore off, so I went home. Just kidding, I don’t take antidepressants, as you can probably tell. But I did go home because I wasn’t having fun anymore. You’d think a band like Partman Parthorse would help. Nope. This may be proof that I am incapable of having a good time. I will now accept recommendations for Seattle area therapists, because this is bullshit and I’m tired of it ruining my life.

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