Almost a disaster
Published 08-24-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

It costs so much I know
but I guess I need to know what it would have felt like to be right.
I’m getting tired all over again
so hurry up and get here because I’m still waiting…
just like I’ve always been.

“Back and to the Left” – Texas is the Reason

social: no
physical: worked in the yard, walked to the store, got my produce delivery restarted
financial: worked on the house with my dad, caught up on bills and finances
musical: spent two hours playing and recording

I was getting ready to get on here and berate myself publicly for wasting an entire day. For slipping back into old patterns and spending far too much time on the internet. For not making significant progress towards my goals. But, maybe I did make progress. Let’s find some positive in a “wasted” day.

I worked on the house for a couple hours. It was pretty discouraging because I expected a lot to get done, but we just drilled a big hole in the wall and ran a pipe out of it. Then, we loaded two couches and a bed into the truck and my dad took them to the dump. I spent another hour picking up apples and plums from the yard and cleaning up a bit. So, this morning, some things did get done, just not as many as I had hoped.

Because of my let down, I spent the rest of the day basically doing nothing. Well, actually, I spent quite a lot of time getting my finances straightened out after Europe. If you’re curious, the trip cost me $5233.86. This includes my rally tour and everything. A little more than I wanted to spend, but I think it was worth it. That reminds me, I should start putting captions to those pictures and getting them uploaded here. So, wait, I didn’t do “nothing” exactly.

The afternoon was less productive.

This evening, I spent a couple hours playing piano. I even wrote a song. I think I like it. I remembered that Garage Band can turn my speakers into an amp, so I’ve been using that a little more. I’m not fond of the sounds I’ve got out of it so far, but it’s fine for screwing around. Speaking of which, I made two versions of today’s song. One serious and one silly. They’re both in the players below, serious first, of course.

If this is
a war, it’s
and you are
I surrender.
I surrender.

I should probably go through all these ideas and start practicing the ones I still like. There are now 42 recordings in the donproject folder and a few more ideas on my hard drive. Surely there are some songs I like in there somewhere. Surely I can make this work.

I suppose I’ll go work on my Europe photos for the people that have asked.

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