It’s good to be back.
Published 08-24-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I feel it in my bones when the storm is close
Then await for the rain and the wind to blow
As dark colors fill the sky I’m drenched I’m feeling so alive
Eyes closed tight my ears open for the boat

“The Boat” – Chuck Ragan

Progress report:
physical: no
social: tried to have a party but only my hetero life mate showed up, will try harder next time
financial: no
musical: rocked the hell out in my car for an hour

physical: no
social: went to my brother’s b-day party was pretty outgoing, talked to some people I didn’t know and tried to solidify burgeoning friendships
financial: no
musical: rocked the hell out in my car for an hour, played piano at the lake

physical: lifted stuff at Ikea?
social: invited people out to watch the Sounders game, talked with Maya and her friend Ryan, tried to play music with Jason
financial: bought flooring for the bedroom, got a good deal on stair noses and moulding!
musical: played piano for about 40 minutes today, recorded an improv song

I spent a long time resting at the lake. It was pretty awesome to not have to walk anywhere. To sit on the porch and read a book. To share my Europe video and my slide show with my parents and a friend. To drink American soda and eat too much. To fix my sleeping schedule.

After the lake, I went to my brother’s birthday party for a few hours. It was pretty ridiculous. As an example of the ridiculousness: I burned my fingers on a couch a little bit. I worked on my social skills and talked to some new people and some old friends. It was good and felt comfortable. I think this goal is going to be easy now. I think this is the part that is different. Co-driver Jason mentioned that this might be an evolution. Maybe it is. Maybe everything has changed.

Today I had planned four things, but only got two done. I’m not too concerned about it. I have a list of other things to do to get caught back up to normalcy (clean my room, figure out how much money I have left, wash my car, some other stuff). I’m not too concerned about it.

I went through some lists of upcoming shows and picked out 17 to go to. Hopefully, I can make it to most of the Carousel Festival this weekend, but school starts on the 31st, so I might have to skip a day and spend it planning. I probably won’t make it to RCMTC next weekend either, since I won’t have time to make a mix. Dang!

And finally, here’s a Rhodes song I improvised this evening. I called it “I Missed You.”

Europe summary and pictures are on the way eventually. Not enough time!!!!!

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