Europe: Paris
Published 08-15-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Room D, second floor, Richelieu Wing, Louvre, Paris, France, 11:21

I found some paintings I really like. Tucked back in the Scandanavian paintings are a group of small format Swedish works by Peder Balke. They are scenic views of Norway and Denmark, from what I can tell from the French on the sign. They are amazing scenes of lonely boats in tempestuous seas or rock formations on the coastline or a tree near a valley, etc. Something is deeply emotional about them, though. I like it.

I toured through Napoleon’s furniture an stuff, as well as some sculptures so far. I took some photos of a chandelier my mom would like. I took a photo of an amazing tomb and an amazing sculpted scene if some babies force feeding a goat some grapes. So far, the Louvre is pretty rad.

Cafeteria, Richelieu Wing, Louvre, Paris, 13:24

I might run out of time. I did the whole top floor in about 3 hours. There are 3 floors and a few collections on a lower floor. So, six more hours plus. My feet hurt. People are looking at me angrily for using this table and not currently eating anything. I better get back to staring at 300 year old paintings.

Room 21, 1st floor, Sully Wing, Louvre, Paris, 15:05.

6000 years old. Six. Thousand. The Egyptian stuff rules.

Out by the Gas ‘n’ Sip, no women anywhere, 19:32

No, really I’m by the big fountain right by the Eiffel Tower. I just ate some ice cream from the exact same place I got it from the first time. You know, “best ice cream in the world” ice cream? Well, I don’t know if it was worth the extra metro ride. Well, I didn’t have to pay for that since some people broke the entry thing and I just sauntered right through it. At any rate, the ice cream was only okay. Maybe because I didn’t walk a million miles in 90 degree heat to get it. I only walked a little way from the metro in 90 degree heat.

Now I’m sitting by the fountain where all the little kids are frolicking in the questionable water and all the adults are smoking famously. The local entrepeneurs are selling their miniature Eiffel Towers for 1€ by shaking the big ring they are on and then running away when the cops stroll by. It will be a nice Saturday evening.

I just spent 7.5 hours in the Louvre. I almost made it to all the rooms before they kicked me out. To be honest, i started getting bored at the end. I saw the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa and all that, but nothing really blew my mind like the Austrian museum of ancient instruments. I know everyone says this, but I expected the Mona Lisa to be bigger.

Now I’m a bit sore and hungry for kebab or falafel again. There’s a place by Gare du Nord and my “hostel” that I’ll probably hit on the way back.

I’m glad I got to see the Louvre. I’m pretty much ready to go back to Seattle now. A day and a half in London and a ride on the Eurostar is all that’s left in my trip. I think I’ve been gone long enough and it’s time to get back to work. Or whatever.

Outside table at the Kebab place across from Gare du Nord, Paris, 21:36

Well, they didn’t have veggie kebab or falafel, but they did have a veggie plate, so I got that. It included good fries, so that was awesome. Also, I only have 3 euros left, so that’s good too.

It’s early still, but I can’t walk anymore, so I’m heading back. I wish I knew how to find shows here. It seemed like there was a dance party at every metro stop. One even got on the train and partied for a while. It was pretty cool. Seattle needs more street musicians. Maybe I should be a street musician. Maybe I should learn how to play first. Or just punk rock it up and go out there. Okay, let me work up a set.

Okay, back to the airconditioning and fancy environs to get prepared for my train to London tomorrow.

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