Europe: Finland Rally, Day 2
Published 07-30-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Room 110, Hotel Keurusselka, Finland, 6:20

Holy crap it is early. Free breakfast and off to the stages!

Kruununpera Stage, Finland, 13:08

Jumping! Yes! Rally is awesome! We’re in Finland! We got lunch today! It had lots of chocolate! Exclamation point!

In all seriousness, this is still pretty awesome. It’s a bit annoying around the edges to have to be back at the bus at a certain time and our bus seats kept getting stolen, but today is working out pretty well so far. I was expecting the Finns to be crazier on stage, but they just drink and smoke and talk a lot in Finnish. I wanted songs and more yelling.

The cars are pretty awesome. We saw a jump on the first stage, Palsankyla, and on this stage we’ll get to see a couple connected turns just before the finish. This is all still pretty surreal. It doesn’t seem like it’s happening. If you ignore the fact that we’re in Finland and all the cars are European and all the drivers are way better, this might as well be a rally in the U.S. Oh, and there are more entries and more spectators and full radio coverage on all the handheld radios around. And more Finnish. Still awesome. We gots ta get our car done.

Room 110, Hotel Keurusselka, Finland, 19:42

After watching a bunch of cars run through a fast set of corners near the finish of the last stage and getting some good action, we made our way back to service for our VIP tour. We got shown around the Ford service park and got to watch service and hang out with some of the best rally drivers in the world. We also got free soda and cookies.

Service is pretty awesome. As the cars came in, our tour guide mentioned they’d be putting about 80,000€ worth of stuff on the car. That’s a lot of euros. The amount of money needed to be competitive in the sport is pretty mind boggling. I guess it’s worth it for the company because they just signed up for two more years.

We also got to take some photos with famous people and talked to some as well. There should be a DemonRally press release in the future.

We got back on the bus and started seeing how we could see some F-cup cars tomorrow. It turns out we probably won’t be able to which is pretty disappointing. However, we’re in Finland, watching rally! Actually, we just moved up to the bar to watch the super special on TV again. After we do that and get our Internet on, we’ll be going to sleep so we can wake up at 5:45 tomorrow. I’m sleeping on the bus.

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