greenwood car show
Published 06-29-2008 on my old wordpress blog.

well, i got to the greenwood car show at about 4pm. by that time, it’s pretty much over. however, there were some cool things left. i didn’t take any pictures this year, but i linked to some on the internet that are basically the same as the cars i saw.

flamingo hats
the zoo was there pimping the flamingos. a bunch of kids and old ladies had flamingo hats on. that pretty much rules.

yenko s/c chevelle
i don’t know if you know anything about cars, but yenko is a dealer that started upgrading it’s cars and became a well respected “tuner” in the sixties. as i was walking to the show, this chevelle was stopped at the light. as it drove off, it blasted me with soundwaves. supercharged v8? who needs fossil fuels anyways?

1973 detomaso pantera
not only is pantera a metal band, it’s also a pretty neat little car. very seventies, but still pointy and rare. cool to see.

old ferrari
okay, i didn’t look too close at this ferrari that was there, but it was pretty awesome. i *think* it was a america series, but i don’t know. it was clearly from the 50’s and super rad.

BMW 2002
there was one tricked out 2002 there. in my favorite car decorating style: black on black. i passed by it quickly on my way up the show in the hopes it would be there when i came back through. alas, it was not.

electric ghia
the thing i might like best about the greenwood car show is the electric cars. the “fastest street legal electric car” (0-60 in 2.9 seconds!) is there every year, along with a bunch of others. the one i liked best this year was the bright yellow electric vw karmann ghia. the vw karmann ghia is the peoples porsche, without the oomph. but they look awesome. and if we run out of gas, i’d scoop one of these up if i didn’t have $120,000 for a tesla motors roadster lying around.

old-school vtec mini
i know it’s pretty played out to swap a honda vtec motor into your mini, but it’s still pretty awesome, even if it is a honda. usually at the greenwood car show there is a cadre of various types of old mini’s, which is awesome. when i got there, there were only two left. of the two, the vtec mini was by far cooler with it’s classy grey paint job, despite the excess body kit action.

i kid you not: jet-powered drag car
by far, the highlight of this years show was the race section. there were a bunch of old midget racers and a jet-powered drag race car. basically a jet engine on wheels. actually, i think this car is the exact one. the sheer audacity of strapping a jet engine on some wheels and travelling ridiculously fast in a straight line for 0.25 miles astounds me. and probably the craziest part is that these things are slow (by about half a second) compared to modern dragsters.

before the car show, i worked on the rally car with my brother for a couple hours in the heat. i took out the dash, seat and other miscellany while he took apart the front suspension and some other random stuff. so work is progressing on that front.

before that, i skated for two hours and got sunburnt. but i also 360-flipped the step-up. so that was pretty awesome.

also, did you get a chance to check out the mountains today? so awesome. you could see the cascades and the olympics and mount rainier since it was so clear out. i love living here.

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