Published 07-14-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I’m beginning my trip to Europe in 6 hours. The 5 downtown, the 194 to the airport, a plane to San Diego, a plane to Newark, a plane to London. This makes me happy.

I went to a show tonight and I would like to do a review since I haven’t done one in a long time, but I just fell asleep on my desk for a minute. I’ll have about 13 hours of waiting around in airports to take care of that review.

Okay, I just stared at nothing for a minute or two. I guess my plan to stay up all night and get on London time is not going to work out like I planned.

Speaking of Europe, my media from that stuff is probably not going to go on this site very quickly. Perhaps when I get home, I’ll spend a day editing and what-not and put up the best things here. I’m not bringing a computer, but when I’m at some sort of computing device I’ll do what I can to put some updates on the interweb. I’m going to upload pictures to my flickr (public) and/or facebook (private. feel free to become my facebook friend, though). I’m going to upload video to my vimeo (public) and/or facebook. I thought about doing a separate tumblr blog to record the words, but I’ll probably just post those here. So many sites! Next time, why don’t you just all come with me?

Okay, see you kids in August. If you send me a text message or call me, I’ll probably kill you (or not respond to your text). Just think about $1 a minute and $0.50 per outgoing text. Email if you want to chat. Wi-fi is free!


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