Now it’s time to party and we will party hard.
Published 07-12-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I spent all morning working on the rally promo DVD for the car show we’re taking the car to. I missed going to the seask8 opening that I wanted to attend. I missed the Sounders game (I thought it was on later. Duh.). I deserved a party for all my hard work, so I had one.

First, my mom called me up and told me she bought me a ticket for my sister’s roller derby. It was pretty bad ass. Again, I think the ladies of this world are getting finer or something magical is reawakening in my brain. It’s about time!

Then, I went through with my plans to attend Soul Club and dance. I thoroughly enjoy the soul music and dancing like the rhythmic but slightly dance-impaired dude that I am. My goal tonight was not to care and just try to have fun. That is exactly what I did. I dressed up in my fine fashions, shirt and tie and everything, shined up a little bit and looked my best. I’m no expert on hot dudes, but I must say I was looking hell of fine. It’s no wonder that it was easy to chat up a nice-looking young lady. We exchanged smiles and glances and then it was on. I was pretty good at chatting and starting bits of conversation and dancing and smiling and eye contact. I think she left me an opening to buy her a drink, but I’m also pretty sure that she was below the self-imposed 5 year limit so I was a bit relieved to hear her say “Nice to have met you.” I’ll rationalize this more by saying my goal wasn’t to go home with anyone anyways. (but I wouldn’t complain if I did…) Anyways, I’m just getting back into this scene and need to learn quite a few things since I never really have done this the traditional way. Things always just used to work out right. So tonight, I learned (or remembered or reinforced) that I am awesome. Other near successes: almost asked a lady to dance (that would have been a super success), made eyes and sometimes smiles at many a lady, and had a great time until my feet hurt. In all, my time at Soul Club was pretty amazing. I’m ready for one more dance party on Monday and then I’m ready to party continuously in Europe!

I also got an email on my Stranger ad. Things are looking up!

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