San Diego report
Published 07-04-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

There are some things in San Diego that are pretty awesome. However, in general, San Diego is a place that I would not like to spend any more to
time in. But I need to focus on the good things in my life, so here’s some good things.

I went to Ocean Beach the other day. I spent upwards of 15 minutes of my visit in the ocean. It’s still the Pacific, so it’s pretty cold, but it’s still the ocean so it’s awesome. I love the ocean. I thing I might have wrote about this already, but I can’t check on my phone very easily. Ocean beach was also the first place in San Diego that had normal people in it, not plastic caricatures of supermodels.

I’m debating in my mind whether or not to endorse a company on my blog, but I think it’s a small business, so I think I will. Last night, BFF and I went to dinner at a place in Little Italy called Buon Appetito. It was pretty amazing. I had spinach and cheese ravioli. It was not as good as that fateful night that I ate the best ravioli in the world at The Hi-Life, but the waiter was far superior. Even though we looked like normal people, he treated us as if we were plastic just like everyone else. And that made the fancy dinner quite lovely. I recommend it if your union is paying for your food bills and you’ve spent the rest of the week eating cereal and $5 Mexican food.

In an effort to explore more of the city, we took the bus out to North Park to meet a couple of friends. They took is to a place called The Spread. Old Don would never have had the stomach for the fanciness of this place. I’ve been trying to be appreciative of finer things instead of trash talking them without trying them because they are part of the bourgeois culture which my every fiber opposes. The Spread is a husband/wife team that started out making fancy peanut butters. They sold these peanut butters to movie stars who then lost their shit over them and ordered a crap ton and what not. The successful couple then opened a restaurant and started serving crazy good vegetarian food. The restaurant feels like LA. Bubble chairs, Andy Warhol plates, cool glasses, etc. The menu is different often (every day?) and is cooked up by the wife while the husband serves. I was sipping on rose and herb flavored water, contemplating the choice before me and considering why I was even there, when I noticed cauliflower fritti with buckwheat and some other stuff going on. Hell yes, I said. When it arrived, it was friggin’ delicious. I also tried their gumbo and an arugula salad, all of which were amazing. At the end, we ordered the spread sampler with olives, dark chocolate, tiny oranges, and a sample of the peanut butter. It was super. Despite my mild dismay at the total bill for four people, I look back at the experience as a ridiculously good meal.

So, despite not finding any of the 12,000 ladies at this thing attractive and single and despite it being in San Diego, I am making the best of it. A couple more days of debate and voting and awesome food and I get to go home and see if the rally car is fixed and we can go to Idaho and wreck shop. I hope so.

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