Published 07-01-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

“You cannot defeat an enemy that has outposts in your mind.”

“I just can’t seem to get away, and there’s no such thing as escape.”

San Diego pretty much sucks, by the way. But I’m trying hard to make the best of it. I waved and smiled at the ladies down the hall from my balcony to theirs, for example. Me and BFF went gallavanting around the city looking for a taco truck, but settled for a regular Mexican place instead. Today I get to do some work and meet some of my fellow Washingtonians. Hopefully, one or two of the ladies are relatively hot and want to engage in a 6 day affair with the dude in the fancy retro shirt that he paid $20 for at 20twenty. Because San Diego ladies are complete douches, it appears. I probably should have gone to see John Vanderslice last night, that might have introduced me to non-douchey San Diego ladies. But enough complaining, I need to eat breakfast!

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