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sean connery: i’ll take anal bum cover for 200, alex
alex trebec: that’s an album cover

there’s this saying about rally and millions of other things: “everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” it appears i will not be attending rally west virginia, as the car i was to ride in has decided to shed parts of internal engine workings by dropping metal bits into the oil. oh, volkswagens. i was really looking forward to an adventure and meeting new rally people and seeing some old rally people and then getting all sideways in a state i’ve never been to before. actually two states, since i’d be making a stop in denver. alas, it’s probably not to be.

speaking of iphone apps, i got to “restore” my phone last night. it turns out that the operating system is not quite as stable as apple had hoped. so installing a bunch of apps causes it to crash a lot. actually, using it causes it to crash a lot. us fan boys say things like “well, they’ll fix it in software updates” when we really know that they just half-assed it a bit. well, at least my apple stock is skyrocketing. oh wait, i never bought any. also, i downloaded the software developer kit in the hopes of writing some iphone programs in my spare time. but i’d have to learn a new programming language and apple’s software regulations prevent me from doing the two things i want to do: make a text message counter and make an application that broadcasts your GPS location to the web. i’d call it “where you at?”

speaking of working on the house, i spent all yesterday building forms and pouring concrete. okay, just one form. and my dad did all the hard work, i just smoothed things out and lifted 80lb. bags of concrete every once in a while. here’s the results.

speaking of getting the heck off the internet and doing something productive…

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