Published 06-13-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I’m not really 100% ready for tomorrow’s rock practice, but I’m ready to try. I’ll take some notes and follow those if I can.

I found a couple photos of me working the info booth last Thurdsay for the Noise for the Needy folks. Here’s a pretty good one:

volunteering, photo by Paul Swortz

There are more photos of that show here.

I’m pretty proud of my volunteering so far. I need to do more.

My brother and I hung out all day, first working on the rally car and then watching the Sounders win. Good times.

Edit: here’s a song that says that everything will be okay. I have a philosophical debate with that theory, but I’m pretty much in a constant philosophical debate with everyone at this point. I might have to write my own philosophy. This is an improv fake-rhodes-only song based on the opening riff in D. I experimented with left hand stuff and a little dissonance as tension creator. I think I like it.

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