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Published 06-08-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

If I can’t win, I will win another way.

I just spent the last hour playing drums. PLAYING DRUMS!! I’m pretty excited but, as usual, I’m holding it all in until the moment that things go horribly awry so that I’ll be protected from the inevitable failure. It’s not that I’m scared to be happy, it’s just that I’m scared to have once been happy. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, as regular readers (both of you that use google reader) know. I’m working on it. When I get back from Europe, I’ll find a non-religious therapist.

But enough therapy, let’s talk about rock and roll, the last great thing this nation ever did before it’s eventual demise. I have been listening to the Exohxo CD in my car for the past week or so in preparation for possibly joining the band. Today I got a chance to set up some drums and try the songs out. Tracks 1-4 are mine and I own them. 5-6 are okay and I can fake them. 7-8 are a little weird to me but I’m 80% sure I can fake them as well. Track 9 is one of those tracks that’s more complex than it seems. The high-hat upbeat with the subtle rim shots and the bass/ride on the quarters (or is it halfs?) is messing me up. I can do the loud part of the song, but the first 2/3rds of it is a disaster. I’ll have to play something less complex if I get to try it out. Which of course I will because I am awesome at everything.

At any rate, here’s a recording of what drums sound like with practice pads and a bad ass fan blowing cold air straight on me. It is Exohxo’s “Crushed Ice”, with all the non-drum intro and outro cut out. Play or laugh along at home.

In other news, I deleted two RSS feeds that make me sad (again). I’m not positive it will do much good, but I’m going to try harder. I need to try harder. When I get back from Europe, I’ll take over the world with my awesomeness.

Here are some pictures from my phone that I took in the last little while. They’re pretty good ones.

student art


bug bike



On my facebook, I’m going to post a link to another video of me and high school students. My part is pretty hilarious in my typical understated and subtle way. Almost by accident.

In case you forgot (because I usually do), I am awesome. You should probably date me or set me up with someone that likes good music and is shorter than 5′ 6″ and older than 27 and cute in a non-traditional way. Or just give me a high five.

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