Published 06-07-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

If you buy certain brands of deodorant at Fred Meyer, the receipt says “Deordrants”.

I need a vacation.

I’m trying hard to do the right thing.

Sorry, that paragraph was going to lead back to nowhere so I had to cut it off. I just feel torpid today. Why do I have a website again? So far, it’s just worked to foil my attempts at being a successful human being, since all the girls I date or contact show up here and read a few things and think I’m crazy. Which is probably true, but it’s a pretty tolerable kind of crazy, I hope. I just clean my room to make my life better and organize the groceries in perfect lines on the checkout conveyor belt and get angry when seemingly small things go wrong and can’t let go of failures even when it is well past the point of doing anything about them. I wish I was like all of the other guys and didn’t care about anything. I wish I could stay off the internet.

It’s just… oh, right, this is more of the same. What I should do is take care of more business. I already mowed the lawn and did some work on the room I’m remodeling and did laundry. I should go out and do that postering for Noise for the Needy that I said I would do. Okay.

I haven’t posted any songs because I’ve been busy and spending all of my time memorizing Exohxo songs. However, I did think up some lyrics on the way back from the store and spoke them into my little recording device. These always sound like little avant garde poetry projects, but more terrible.

Actually, that just sounds sad. I’m sure this will get me lots of dates, but I don’t care. Brutal honesty is the way forward. This should be a busy week. Time to focus on my social skills and to rock out and to get things done.

I am a good person and I deserve awesomeness. (and a therapist).

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