Published 06-06-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

It's odd.  Once you accept that life is simply longsuffering... it makes the whole thing a lot easier.

long-suf⋅fer⋅ing [lawng-suhf-er-ing, -suhf-ring, long-] –adjective
1.patient endurance of pain or unhappiness

Things are going to be okay.

This evening, I hung out with a guy that knew me from elementary school and a few of his friends. We all watched the Sounders game. Though the game was not that good, I learned a lot. Most importantly, that I am still the kid I was in elementary school. “Laid back” is the polite way to say it. My recovery has been focused largely on changing myself into someone else. But that plan has never been successful. I can keep it up for a few years, but I end up circling back around to “laid back.” Let’s face it, I like being the person that observes and listens. A type B personality. Yet, I don’t think I have to give up this part of me to heal this time. I think I can still be a somewhat quiet guy if I just manage to … I don’t know. They all liked my tattoos.

I’m going to go play more video games and promote a rave now. I can’t figure this all out right now. I’ll be visibly awesome soon enough.

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