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Published 05-31-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I want to practice and fix that new song, but there’s no time!!

I woke up late and worked on the rally car from 10:30 to 8:00. We’re trying to get done by Friday so we can do a TSD test this weekend. THIS WEEKEND!! So, I’ll be working on the car again on Monday and Thursday after work. If you know any VW mechanics that work for free or rich people that want to sponsor a race car, let me know.

I got back and got the grease cleaned off and headed out to Rain City Mix Tape Club for the first time. As a continued struggle to expand my social horizons, I spent the last month agonizing over a mix on the theme: Summer Jamz. I settled on the idea that I should explore summer from the only perspective I know: teacher style. So, I wrote a little blurb about how summer is for me and included the following tracks as a demonstration of the chronology of teacher summer:

Walking Distance — Buzzcocks
Go Wild In The Country — Bow Wow Wow
Truck — The Octopus Project (For some reason this track was recorded as silence and I didn’t catch it until I listened to it on the drive in. I got a little angry.)
It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humanity — The Bouncing Souls
It’s a Bright Light — Tuesday
Keeping Warm in the Nighttime — Pinhead Gunpowder
Heat/Humidity — So Many Dynamos
Help Help — Mates Of State
Cool This Madness Down — Common Rider
Express Yourself — N.W.A.
Summertime — The Fire Theft
You are the Sunshine of My Life — Stevie Wonder
The Summer Ends — American Football

I also learned 8 new names of people that live in my city and like music: Chris, Marcus, Kim, Aiko, Alithea, Lindsay, Stephanie, Eric. Actually, a couple of these folks I’d met a long long time ago in another life, but they don’t have elephantine memories like I do. I got a mix from Eric which is pretty ridiculous. I’ll be listening to it and sending out a review in the next couple days, maybe.

In all, I tried succeeding with success and it was pretty successful. More such exercises in becoming better at real life are forthcoming. For example, I’ve volunteered for Noise for the Needy and will be going to a meeting on Tuesday and will attempt to meet some folks there. I’ll get this right eventually.

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