All evening.
Published 05-26-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I just spent 4 hours working on my Rhodes. I got the sustain pedal fixed. I started figuring out how to voice the piano and adjust the escapement. It’s all back together and working, for the most part. Tomorrow I get to haul it into my car and over to a possible new band jam session. We’ll see how things go.

Here’s what the Rhodes sounds like right now. Not a perfect recording, but you can compare it to the old stuff to see the miraculous or not so miraculous difference. The Rhodes version definitely sounds warmer and fuller than the MIDI version. It might just be the ability to sustain notes, or it might be the $500 difference in price.

I’m going to keep tuning and tweaking the Rhodes as well as installing a mod that will allow me to play faster notes so I can play punk songs. I should probably keep practicing, as well. This is the hobby I need to distract me until I go on vacation, I think. Maybe.

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Keywords: midi, music, rhodes

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