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Published 05-21-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I fixed my lamp. The switch died. It took me months to get a new switch and some heat shrink sheathing and some solder and a butane soldering iron like I wanted. The sheathing melted on one wire, it was a pain to get everything in the right spot, and the switch was the wrong one. My butane iron won’t light anymore, either. But I made it work. I persevered, which is what I’m best at. The lamp is fixed, and I didn’t let the hundreds of small things that went wrong trouble me too much. Sure I got mad, but I didn’t break anything on purpose.

I was supposed to go karaoke with my BFF tonight, but it was scheduled for late on a school night and BFF doesn’t do late on a school night. I was sort of looking forward to it, but being realistic at the same time.

Besides, I can always just record my own songs.

I believe, but I’ll be leaving.
There’s something, something I must do.
I know it’s hard, but I still love you.

I really need a sustain pedal. I like the first and the last sections the best. A little work in the middle and I might be able to call this song done. This is what I envisioned for the project. Less than two minutes, simple and heartfelt, straight to the point.


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