I’ll probably never get a full night of sleep again.
Published 05-19-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

After work, I went to my friend’s house to grade papers. It’s better than being here. It puts a damper on my moping time and my internet time, both of which are detrimental.

However, as I was loading up the washing machine when I got home, these great lyrics came to mind and I rushed upstairs to write them down and record them for my song today. I cheated a lot on this song. Since I’m recording this via the MIDI controller, it was too easy. I looped the piano line and overdubbed the vocals. This let me mess around with wierder rhythms than I’m able to play. Gives me something to shoot for if I like this later and want to work on it. Right now, I kind of do. To make up for my cheating, the vocals are first take improvisation, the intro and outro are the same.

I noticed you still use this blender I bought for you.
You still use the same laundry soap I do.
You still cook like a professional.
You still look more beautiful every day,
and I still love you as much as ever.

Tomorrow, I might be meeting with two guitarists and a bassist and joining a band. This makes me a little bit happy, even if it doesn’t work out.

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