relativity is relatively relative
Published 04-21-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Dang nerdy webcomics.

This scavenger hunt is boring. Lets go work on the treehouse!

I can feel it creep in around the edges. Like putting a magnet next to a TV, it gently warps the picture. If you leave it long enough, it’s permanently distorted. I’m still building my LCD, because they are invincible to magnets. Here’s how:

I bought doughnuts for my students and their review session this morning. Not crappy ones, good ones.

Walking around in the sun with a t-shirt and shorts on makes one feel like a bad ass.

D D F D D F D D G D D G A G Bmin A G Bmin A G F D A G F D D D F D D G D D F D D G C Bmin C D C Bmin C D

Got another co-driving offer for the next rally.

Started setting up the rally viewing for next week.

Cleaned my room.

Set up my tattoo touch up appointment (finally!).

Found another show to go to.

Magnets have a strong pull sometimes. But luckily you can just move them.

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