Chocolate bunnies.
Published 04-14-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

After my down week last week, this week is working out pretty awesome. I know it’s only Tuesday, but I feel like this could be it. This could be the turning point.

I was going to go to a local FHA-approved community lender and talk about refinancing this afternoon, but then it got sunny. So I went skateboarding instead. Spent an hour and a half working through the crowds of awesome skaters and little kids on scooters. Nothing awesome for me. I re-discovered a propensity for backside nollie shove-its last week and worked on those today a bit more. 180: yes. 360: yes. 540: not quite yet. It was pretty fun to be out skating again. I want to railslide the flat rail one of these days. I can do the short one at the Mount Vernon skatepark, so the tall one off the bank shouldn’t be much harder, right?

I played music with a friend last night. He played bass and I played fake electric piano while his cat sat on my notebook and/or attacked things. My arrhythmic, short songs became rhythmic rock songs. One was turned into an Appleseed Cast song, too. It was pretty fun and I solidified my idea for the direction of the repetitive song and maybe added a second part in my mind. I’m pretty sure I want to keep it solo piano and vocals, arrhythmic and weird, because it feels more like what it’s supposed to feel like. Playing with others is always fun though. My friend also wants me to eschew my punk rock roots and play around with multiple layers and overdubs, but I’m a stubborn bastard.

Speaking of playing with others, I’ve now had two half-offers to play in — or tryout for — bands. One offer involves me playing drums in a fun and awesome band. I’d end up playing lots of shows and recording and going on tour and being on the radio if the band doesn’t implode. That would be fun. The other offer is playing Rhodes in a band that amazes me. Musically astounding and really awesome. I don’t think I’d play as many shows, but I would be over the moon (as the British say) to be a part of each one. Maybe I can do both (and the solo project). Maybe neither will work out, now that I’ve mentioned them in public. Both are still kind of astounding to me.

As for the rest of it, I’m confident that everything will be okay. It might even be more than okay. We’ll see how it goes. There’s this nagging doubt around the edges, but my face is smiling, just like the old days. Or maybe just like the new days. I’m now going to eat a quarter pound of chocolate and feel terrible afterward. Yes!

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