Did you see that elephant in the corner?
Published 03-30-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

My cocoa is too hot to drink. I’m sipping it out of the spoon along with plenty of air. Cooling it and getting my necessary allotment of sugar as soon as possible. There’s a metaphor in there about how I want to go around pretending like I’m healed. I could probably pull it off. There’s a difference between the most popular two genders for you: a dude will just jump right out after an injury while a lady will wait until she’s fully healed before seriously attempting the maneuver again. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ace of Bass. Actually, I haven’t.

As previously mentioned, I bought Sounders FC season tickets. I went to a bunch of the old Sounders games. I like watching soccer and yelling. I spent a little too much on my tickets and probably should have bought piano lessons instead. Screw it. I hate money anyways.

At any rate, I went to the second game of the season with my hetero life mate Ian. It was pretty awesome. My seats are pretty awesome. The game was pretty awesome. I had a pretty awesome time. I’m skipping the next game to go to my sister’s roller derby event, so Ian and his lady will be in my seats. I think I’ll take a rotating cast of characters after that and make Ian buy his own tickets somewhere. Or maybe not. No matter what, here’s some pictures:

 Sandwiches are awesome, says the statue.

 Ridiculous seats.

 So many scarves!

After spending two hours cooking up bruschetta for tomorrow’s dinner and crappy vegetables for tonight’s dinner, I spent an hour working on music tonight. I dug up one of the audio files I liked best and turned into a 75% complete song. It’s called “Did you see that elephant in the corner?” It sounds like this for now, but I might change the middle bit and add an F chord in there somewhere just to confuse the key a bit more and make you wonder if it’s in G or G minor. Also, I only recorded some scratch vocals not suitable for human consumption because I can’t sing when anyone is home because singing in my room is pretty much equivalent to yelling straight into the face of anyone that happens to be in the kitchen, living room, or house. I hate this place more every day. I put the lyrics below. See if you can think of the same way to fit them in that I did. It’s a game!

Did You See That Elephant in the Corner?

It must
be hard
to be
an elephant
with all that weight
all that weight
on your shoulders.

I wish…. I wish we had more than 140 characters between us at a time, you know. I wish… <no! stop! bad don!!>

On a brighter note, I bought my plane ticket to London, my brother’s plane ticket to meet me Finland, put down a deposit for the rally tour, and bought a eurail pass. To get my brother’s ticket was actually more expensive to use my airline miles, so it looks like I’ll be going to someplace amazing next summer too. New Zealand? I think so. Ideas like this used to be so much more gratifying back in 2006.

I think next week I’ll take a spring break from the internet as well, as clearly I’m not capable of coherent thought.

** Old Wordpress comments **

your sister says:
March 30, 2009 at 11:05 pm
“a dude will just jump right out after an injury while a lady will wait until she’s fully healed before seriously attempting the maneuver again”
that’s a load of fucking bullshit if i ever heard it…. i think it truly depends on the person… we should hang out again soon i’ll tell you how it is…

don says:
March 31, 2009 at 5:20 am
well of course it depends on who it is, sister. sheesh.

CHUNK says:
March 31, 2009 at 12:47 pm
I miss you!

don says:
March 31, 2009 at 4:41 pm
thanks, chunk. i should use my plane credit to fly down there, i guess. memorial day?

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