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I’m almost over my sickness. Which is cool because I’m going to go spend four hours in the cold tomorrow watching my Seattle Sounders FC beat up on the frickin’ Mormon team, Real Salt Lake. I’ll try to take a picture to show you how awesome my seats are. If they are. I think it will be fun. Also, I found that I could probably sell my tickets to the Chelsea game for $300 each, recouping about half of the season ticket costs. I’ll be in Europe when that game goes on, so that works for me. AWESOME!

I helped Jenn pack some stuff into a U-Haul to move to Portland. It was pretty fun. I also gave her a ride to Kenmore to pick up her car from that truck rental place. It turns out I am pretty hilarious. Or she has a great sense of humor. Or both. It’s a little bit too bad I couldn’t travel down to PDX to help unload as well.

I attempted to meet a friend at the local sports bar. I made to the establishment, but after waiting a couple minutes in the glorious electric light from massive televisions, I couldn’t take it and had to skedaddle. So I came home and watched a show with the housemates where they built a giant hippo and a bull shark and then had a computer animation about their battle. It was pretty dumb. But I was texting during it and that was awesome.

This evening, I finally got around to reading the two myspace contacts that I received. One was from Max of the Classics of Love responding to my comment about how we played a show together 5 years ago in less stellar bands. He said my current tunes “sound wicked.” He plays with Jesse Michaels, everyone’s hero, now. The other myspace thing I got was from the Treasure State, who are goddamn awesome. The dude in that band that I work with said “You sound like you can play the rhodes.” He also informed me that they are playing a SHOW!!!! The horrible thing is that I am going to be doing the Olympus Rally that weekend and will probably miss the show. Unless the car doesn’t get finished, that is. You should go to their show on the 17th of April at The Sunset. Seriously, they are so awesome and I sort of hope the car doesn’t get done. But my hierarchy for activities is: Play a show > do a rally with my family > hang out with friends or potential friends > go to a show > do a rally with a stranger > other random things > sit around and do nothing. So if the car is done, I’ll be sideways in the woods at 100 miles an hour. But I’ll bring the Treasure State CDs.

In more mundane news, tomorrow I will be calling a certain cable internet cable provider to tell them about the problem with our connection requiring a hard reset of our modem every hour or two. I will also be calling my tattooist to get my touch ups done. I will also be sleeping until noon. Starting…. now.

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