3000% of your Vitamin C
Published 03-03-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

So, I’m getting sick, I think. No, check that, I’m just recovering form a sickness in time for the rally I’m going to co-drive this weekend. I’ve been overdosing on Vitamin C and Zinc just to make sure. I took a nap, sort of, this afternoon to get more sleep. Now I can’t go to sleep, of course.

So I played some piano. I have this phrase I’ve been working on, or rather, discovered tonight, so I was noodling around with that. Then I decided to stop thinking about things and just see what happens. To be honest, I’ve been playing piano like that for a long time. Not really understanding music theory, just enjoying intervals and having happy accidents (and not so happy ones). I never share these with anyone because they are terrible. Well, every once in a while I do these improvisations for my family and they don’t complain. And I played one once back in the glory days and got a frowny face when I looked up so I didn’t risk that anymore. But now I’m too old to care what you think. Or too stupid. And yet, here I am, posting another of my random note improvisations. Because I like it. And I want everyone to like it. That whole “not caring” thing is just a facade. Just like always. The problem is that I care too much about all the wrong things. Like snails and the pacific garbage patch and the what the wrong people think of me.

I’m getting sick. No. I’m just recovering.

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