Summer vacation keeps getting shorter.
Published 02-26-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Well, summer vacation got shorter by one day today.

oh no, more snow

Sounds like a good time for adventures with the BFF!

As soon as I could get out of my driveway, we met at her abode and then traveled to the fine Goodwill in the central district near her house. I was skeptical of any awesomeness there, but the BFF assured me that awesome lurked around the corner. We probably spent about 2 hours there and I saw some people I know that don’t know I know them and she saw her friend Transitman. I broke a picture frame by accident, but took responsibility and told a worker. Good kid! I wandered around aimlessly for a while and then found the record rack. The best thrift store record rack I have ever seen. I only made it through half of the rack and bought 10 records. So awesome!!!!! Here’s what I got:

Did I mention that each of these records was only $0.10? SO AWESOME!!! And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, I was wandering around and found the most beautiful typewriter I have ever seen. I picked it up and carried it around until I found a piece of paper. All the keys work except “A”, and “H” is sticky. It could use an ink ribbon, but it types ok. Anybody know a good typewriter repair shop?

captain and tenille and bread and typewriter

What a great morning!

BFF and I went out for Pho after that and then back to her house to do her taxes like I promised I would. We got some progress made but not done yet. I watched Rick Steve’s videos about countries on my impending trip to Europe for several hours. Then we went to the new Twilight Exit and talked some deep conversations about life, the universe, and everything. My BFF is a wonderful and insightful person and I’m lucky to know her.

Successes today:


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