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i have discovered how to feel awesome and crappy at the same time. it’s just a matter of riding on both sides of the see-saw at once. you get tired of running from end to end to try to balance it, so you hang out in the middle, over the fulcrum, with one foot to either side. you stick out your arms, bend your knees, and wait for gravity to take over. then you slowly shift to one side or the other, depending on which one pulls harder. just move to the other side!

birthday escape 2009 is all planned out. i need to see the ocean.

i have an idea for a photo essay, i think i’ll buy myself a good camera.

man, i deleted so much stuff in this one. i’ve been typing for about 20 minutes. i forgot to use caps. i should probably figure out how to trust people with this stuff in real life. it’d be nice to lift this weight from my shoulders.

in the meantime, i’ll be typing over on my other blog about thai food and the office and california and other stuff no one wants to hear about.

here, i will discuss my successes:

considering throwing a Rally Norway party on Monday. with Nachos.

got a nice card from my grandma.

smiled at strangers at the grocery store.

had a good day at work of inspiring people to greatness. the new semester is really going well so far.

going to play music for half an hour before going to sleep.

Kaz of PWRFL POWER either said something or wrote a blog article about a girl he knew that had written on her walls words of encouragement like “I am a strong woman.” I think I’m that crazy. I remembered capitals.

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