180 the tall cone.
Published 02-11-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

There’s this dry tiredness lurking in my joints and my bones. Post skateboarding tiredness. Post Thai food achy-ness. Post everything.

Skated for 1.5 hours. Awesome. Nothing spectacular trick-wise, but I’ve been pretty ecstatic about my life for the past week and going out and getting sweaty and tired helped solidify the fact that my life is awesome.

Went out for Thai food this evening. Continued the trend of being totally awesome. I’m good at making people laugh. I’m good at listening to people. I’m good at getting people to talk about themselves. I’m way better at eye contact than I used to be. I am great at not being too awkward. Eventually, all this awesomeness on my part will pay off. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe.

I came home and watched the rest of The Office episodes. I left one in the middle before Thai food. When I came back to continue it, it reminded me about a great many things. So I sent out that text message because I’m still working on who I want to be. I’ll get it right soon enough.



Saying some things I wanted to say, without regard to consequence.

Making friends with cats.

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