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Published 02-08-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I’m feeling pretty awesome about myself for some reason. There have been no major successes on any front, but I felt good this weekend. Perhaps because I was not horribly ill. Perhaps because I’ve been doing what I want without regards to negative consequences. Like going to an alt-country show or bringing a spicy, garlicky dish to a potluck. Hard to say. But it’s nice to feel pretty good for no reason.

Successes (two days worth):

Semi-normal behavior at a social function. Including, but not limited to, smiling and laughing as well as balancing less thinking about what I say until I no longer say it with decent listening skills.

Listening to the radio. That goes for my goal of listening to music all the time. Pretty soon my optical audio cable will show up and I’ll hook up my mp3s to the stereo and never listen to the radio again.

Hot cocoa. TASTY!

Worked on the rally car: installed the subframe, fenders, and rear bumper without much assistance. Things are coming along nicely, but too slow for the next race.

Wrote a couple bits of songs. I need to find the time to just has these things out. I think I’m going to go Thom Yorke. I’m a bit afraid.

Responded to the opportunity to play keyboards for a mathy band. Details and possibilities are being worked out.

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