“tax on what I say, mistakes they cost a ton.”
Published 02-05-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

There are always numerous possible paths from each moment forward. Some have postulated that each path leads to a completely different universe. Like each possibility is lived out in some unreachable parallel dimension. However, we cannot just switch universes, our path is set once we choose it. Or once it is chosen for us. We can only make the next choice and the next and the next until our part in this universe ends. We can no more go backwards than we can jump dimensions.


Sent a maybe to a potential band opportunity.

Did my taxes. (How does $3000 back sound? I knew this [expletive deleted] house was good for something.)

On a related note, donated to my half-brother’s participation in the annual firefighter stair climb at the Columbia Tower. They climb up 1311 steps in full firefighter gear to raise money for leukemia. You should donate, too.

Piano. Every day piano.

Bought NWA – Straight Outta Compton on double LP, plus some Small Brown Bike. I think I’ll listen to a crap ton of Small Brown Bike right now, actually.

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