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Published 02-04-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Yesterday, I made a girl cry about her grade. I’m quite frustrated with my students at this point. The whole staff is. We’re working on it.

Today, I went through the motions of plan awesome 2009. Successes are listed below, failure will be kept elsewhere to decompose and turn to fertilizer.

Skateboarding! The park was a lot less densely populated than I thought it would be. If there was someone there my own age, I might have talked to them. I landed a couple things, but nothing new. Just felt good to do something active without worrying about my sickness.

Piano! I played some piano today. I’m trying to figure out what to do: make rudimentary pop songs and put my all into the vocals or struggle like hell to write weird stuff that sounds awesome and then explore the same mental place that Thom Yorke goes to. I don’t know if my feeble heart can take it if we drive the u.s.s. enterprise into the middle of the ion storm like that. Perhaps that’s why I should just do it. Would that be a success? I need to fix my rhodes and get this room better soundproofing before I go there…

Stuff! I bought a fancy stereo and turntable. My whole life, I’ve always listened to music on the cheapest thing I could find. Heck, I’ve recorded most of the songs I’ve been a part of on the cheapest thing I could find. It’s been a great aesthetic. In a week or so, I’m going to listen to horribly recorded punk rock records on an (entry-level) audiophile turntable through a decent amplifier into some crappy speakers. Almost there.

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