I hate sleeping.
Published 01-29-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I just spent three hours programming a rudimentary start to a webpage for some folks that play this sort of Fantasy Rally game. Pick the teams you think are going to win and get points depending on how they place. Only for Rally America teams, though. It should be a fun little side project when I have the time for it. Plus it gets the rally site more traffic. Lately, the don project is getting more traffic than the rally blog. I’m hoping people find enjoyment in either one.

Went to Pho tonight with my friend and his two friends. Pretty good times. After a difficult day yesterday, today seemed pretty good for him relatively speaking. We’ll see how it goes in the long run.


talked to moderately strange people, made them laugh.

read about being an INTJ, it seemed pretty spot on.

played a little piano.

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