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Published 01-22-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Wow, what a day. Got to work earlier than normal, wasted enough time walking around to make arriving early pretty pointless. But I was ready for the day ahead of me.

After teaching a few classes, checked on the status of the date I’d been working on to find the time confirmed for 6PM at Than Brothers. The date went well from my side. I wasn’t too weird and kept conversation going at the right times. Showed a bit of nervousness but wasn’t seating profusely or anything. We had interesting conversations about a great many things, I told silly little stories from my life that I would never have told a stranger in the past, I had good eye contact and I remembered to breathe. At the end, I said “keep in touch” instead of “let’s do this again sometime.” I’m good at first dates, but haven’t found the right second date candidate yet. Perhaps met some new acquaintances or even friends so far. There is still hope as I have another date tentatively scheduled for Sunday that I am looking forward to. If that doesn’t spark something in me, perhaps I should scale back my efforts for a while and incubate this need for companionship a bit more.

Before my date, I got a haircut. As in went to a place that cuts hair and somebody that I didn’t know until I met them there took some scissors and shaped the hair on my head into an actual hairstyle. Usually Wahl #1 cuts my hair or Wahl #0 if it is summer time or I’m feeling particularly low. That has served me well for the last 13 years. Now that I’m all awesome all the time, I decided to get a real people’s haircut. It looks pretty swell for being cut by a beauty school student. By the way, beauty schools are not as cheap as I expected. But I feel justified supporting someone’s education. It’s not like I do that every day.

After my date, I went to a show. I’ll be reviewing that show momentarily and then attempting to sleep for a few hours before going to work.


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