I don’t know why I keep going back there.
Published 01-19-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I hate Ikea so much now.

Been there twice today, returned a bunch of really old kitchen stuff for $100 in credit, spent it all + $40 on new bedding materials, still needed a mattress. Went back tonight with dad and the van. Got there about 8:30. They close at 8. I thought, for sure, that they closed at 9. Well, 4th try is always a charm. My 3″ thick folding piece of foam feels a little weird when it’s in a real bed and not just lying on the carpet. I think I’ll wake up tomorrow and not know where I am.

I think that this year I will visit every state/national park in Washington. Or maybe in the next couple of years. And maybe only the ones you can camp in.


Went to Ikea twice. Did not sign up for a vasectomy. Yet.

Cleaned up the room a bit, built a bed.

Did some school work. Going to have plenty of time to watch our old “president” get replaced with someone who isn’t 100% evil.

Played music with Jason and decided on C#min, F#min, A, B. Homework: progressions toward songs.

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