hopeful sunday.
Published 01-18-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

This morning, my sister and I went up and visited my niece, who’s been in the hospital for a couple weeks with some pretty awesome lung problems which arose because of a car wreck she was in. She’s been quite ill and everyone has been worried. As she puts it: “I almost died.” Luckily, she pulled through the worst of it and is probably going home tomorrow. My sister and I spent a long time making her laugh and playing Triple Yahztee (I won. My first two rolls were yahtzees, thank you very much.) and exercising her lungs. I’m not sure if you know but my sister and I are awesome. My niece is pretty awesome too, actually. I’m glad she’s going to get better. While my sister was in the bathroom, I asked my niece if this near-death experience had caused her to think about her life and want to do anything different. She said, “Nope, pretty much going to do the same thing as before it snowed.” That sort of commitment and vision is pretty inspiring. Plus, they made me eat Taco Bell and I didn’t vomit.


visited my niece.

worked on the rally car, painted some stuff.

played around with the key of C#minor in preparation for tomorrow’s music session.

continue to work on goal #6. the future is now.

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