no-internet day
Published 01-18-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

Oh the glorious sun has returned! And what a glorious day to celebrate it!

After my 8 hours of sleep, I woke around 11 and lazed around while my brain figured out that it was sunny out. Crammed some blueberry granola down my gullet and walked out the door into vitamin D heaven.

At the park, it was just the right amount of crowded. A couple guys way better than me, a few kids, a couple people in the big bowl and the pool, one kid on a scooter, etc. And no BMX’ers. I did my little bit of stretching and started my lovely afternoon session. I did some basics to get warmed up, played on the step up a bunch, and started in on working on tricks. I’m getting the hang of board sliding the ledge, I might try to hit up the flat rail pretty soon. Somebody had left half of a metal sawhorse propped up on a rock. The good skaters were doing tricks off it. After an hour or so of skating hard, I decided I’d just ollie the whole damn thing. It’s about 3 feet long and 2 feet high, with the highest part farthest away from the launch ramp. I ollied next to it a few times to get the hang of it and then said “screw it” and went for it. Kicked the board away. Next time: some kids got in the way and I aborted the mission. A few more botched attempts. Then, commitment. Next try: fall hard and roll a bit. Next try: fall hard and don’t roll. Take a little break. Knee hurts, elbow hurts. One more try. Next try: close! One foot slips off on the landing. Man this is so huge, I need to get it before I go. Next try: same thing. Last try: stick it solid. Skateboarding is the best. When everything in life is terrible, that commitment and that unwillingness to give up is the thing that will save me from darkness. I may fall twice, but maybe after a few tries, I’ll land this trick.

Other successes:

Got the remainder of the parts necessary for creating a new bed. Also bought new sheets and a new duvet cover. The large orange one has got to go to Goodwill with the clothes I don’t need anymore.

Barely used the internet at all today. Had to look up stuff for the bed and that was it. But I did check email using my phone.

Which leads me to my next success: probably setting up a date with another lady.

Did some work on the rally car with my brother.

Did not go to Fry’s and buy stuff for my computer. Yes, that is a success. I don’t need that stuff. I need a record player and a stereo and a mattress.

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