Warp Factor 1, Mr. Sulu.
Published 01-14-2009 on my old wordpress blog.

I think I’ve found a deep revelation to the recurring patterns in my life. It was just sort of obvious this evening while I was making my burrito for dinner. The really detestable part about it is that if I mention this revelation to anyone, it is too unbelievable to be accepted. Anyone affected by it would deny that it is true and every person I have met has been affected by it. Except perhaps my family. Maybe my sister can verify the validity of my hypothesis.


Skateboarding for an hour. Working on board slides on the ledge. I never did learn those as a kid. I landed a couple, think I got it figured out. One day I’ll try one on the low rail.

Going to play piano and maybe record that Rocky Votolato song I learned and quoted the other day.

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Keywords: hypothesis

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